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We specialize in ball moss removal. If you need ball moss removed from your plants, we are the simply the best team for the job. One of the most important things to know about ball moss (Tillandsia Recurvata) is that it's neither a moss nor a parasitic organism that kills trees. The ball moss is simply an epiphyte. It's true that this plant nestles on other plants and trees, but it actually does not take out of their nutrients. This ball-shaped, bromeliad gets its food from moisture and nutrients in the air.

The effect of ball moss on trees has to do with growth and density. The ball moss makes use of encircling tendrils known as "hold-fasts" to gain its spot on a branch. Once it has secured a position, it fastens its tendrils on the host plant, thereby tightening the grip so as to support bigger balls. This tactic cuts off the circulation of nutrients to the host branch. If it happens that the branch was already weak before the ball moss infestation, or if it’s overloaded with the infestation, the branch may simply die off. While this may not kill an entire tree, a larger infestation can significantly slow down the growth of a tree.

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Ball mosses are great producers given the fact that they produce seeds all year. They do not need too much light or too much air to grow. As long as the area has high humidity, little airflow, and low light, which can be usually found around southern shade trees such a Live Oaks, ball mosses are bound to grow exceedingly well.  This plant is in relation to other bromeliads such as ferns, orchids, and lichens. It isn't a parasitic organism and it's easily transported by birds and wind as they blow and drop the seeds in the bark crevices of trees. Healthy trees are usually unaffected by ball mosses. While they aren't a sight to behold, they are usually not a threat to healthy trees. Weak trees, on the other hand, may grow weaker and worn-out to the point where they are easily affected by diseases and fatal insects.

Removing a ball moss is relatively easy. The removal process can be done by hand or high pressure spray. There are claims that copper induced fungicides are effective too but we haven't seen an actual result from using this method. You can also spray a baking soda mixture on the host plant, but this will only slow down the rate at which the ball moss attaches itself on the host. Ball moss can flower anytime as long as it's during the growing season. But there's usually an increase in flowering during springtime. Their seeds are easy to carry from tree to tree and they look like dandelion seeds. If you want your ball moss problem removed from your property with immediate effect and a lasting solution, call on our team of experts today.

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