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Cedar Park Tree Service Pros is home to a professional team of experts who provide pruning, tree removal, tree trimming, ball moss removal, clearing, and a wide variety of other tree services. Our major service areas include Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown and their surrounding communities. Our staff is one that takes pride in customer satisfaction. We provide removal and tree health services all year round. Our company is proud to be recognized as one of the most reputable tree care companies that has been providing homes and businesses with world-class tree service.

We are all about the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of our customers. So, for this reason, we offer our clients the best recommendations and advice on their landscape issues. No matter what the issue is, we are well-prepared to help you resolve the problem. Whether you have a tree that needs to be checked for pests or potential damage; a tree you would like to remove in order to have a safe environment or enhance the beauty of your property; a tree with bad roots, damaged branches or severed limbs; or a tree that's leaning and poses as a potential threat; whatever the tree situation may be, we are well equipped with the right tools, staff, proficiency, and experience to resolve the issue. We'll do it in a timely manner and ensure that you get a service that's tailored to your budget.

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Tree Removal

We offer tree removal service for both homes and businesses in the Cedar Park, TX area.

Ball Moss Removal

We provide ball moss removal in Cedar Park and the surrounding areas of Austin.

24-Hour Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 emergency tree service for Cedar Park and the surrounding areas of Austin.

Tree Trimming

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Many people overlook tree trimming and preventative cutting. This service is one that requires the hands, mind, and tools of an expert in order to be efficiently carried out. Our company offers the best, most experienced and professional limb trimming and preventative cutting services.

If your tree is growing out branches in the direction of your home or your neighbor's, or the limbs are dangerously spreading to your roof, or maybe the tree just needs more sunlight, our team of experts are at your disposal. We can help you keep your tree in check as well as ensure that it remains beautiful. If you own a property, you'll know that it's imperative that you maintain it. Maintaining your property and yard by clearing the bushes, grasses, and trimming the trees will make it easy for you to provide your property with a routine upkeep.

Trimming contributes to the aesthetics of your property. This seems to be the most obvious advantage of trimming. You trees will have a better, polished look. They will be in good shape as well as look more pleasing to the eyes. Trimming also makes your property a safe zone as it will ensure that all stray branches, limbs and trees are cut off. This will reduce the risk of a potential danger happening on your property. No stray branch or limb will fall on anyone or pose a threat to your property. Additionally, removing excessive, dead, and rotten parts of your trees will ensure that they grow well with no hassle. Trimming excess branches and other elements will create room for roots to grow evenly and keep the tree hydrated.

Call Us: 512-518-5058

Tree Pruning

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Many of our customers love asking us what the benefits of pruning are. Tree pruning is all about maintaining and promoting the health of your tree. Pruning deals with dead branches, damaged branches, branches that are rubbing together, and those that are suffering from insect infestation or diseases.  When you conduct regular pruning on your trees, it will enhance the beauty of your tree as it will promote the growth of flowers, maintain the desired size and shape, as well as increase foliage density. Furthermore, managed pruning ensures that your tree causes no injuries or property damages as weak limbs will be removed before they can fall off.

If your tree's branches are spreading to your roof, electrical poles, or having a downward growth to the ground, and you don't want to cut them off, not to worry! We'll help you lift the canopy and ensure that your plant doesn't damage your home, lose its power, attract moss, or walk under.  We can also help you improve lawn growth by allowing the sun to penetrate into your yard. This is done by selectively removing cracked and damaged limbs, twisted branches, dead woods, and other limbs or branches that may be in the way.

Tree Removal

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Tree removal is a process that shouldn't be done by yourself. It is something you don't want to get involved in, especially if you are not a professional. Feel like you and your friend can handle it with a chainsaw? What happens if a limb breaks your roof or does more damage? You'll be the one to take care of the insurance claim. What if your friend gets in harm's way or worse? That is why it's best to leave tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and other tree care services to our professionals. There are many factors to be considered before the decision to remove a tree is made. After all, there is no room for error as a small mistake can cost you a lot. You only get one chance and you need to ensure that you get it right.

As professionals, we have the right tools and experience to ensure that the tree removal is handled with ultimate care. We own many bucket trucks that makes it easy for us finish easy-to-reach jobs. This is why many customers find our job affordable. For trees that are difficult to reach, we are equipped with aerial lifts that can pass over leach fields without having a major impact on septic systems or lawns. Additionally, we have a lot of bucket trucks, stump grinders, and chippers. These tools provide us with the ability to thoroughly clean your yard once we are through with the heavy lifting. We have our insurance in place and we will provide you with an insurance binder if you need one.

Ball Moss Removal

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“Tillandsia Recurvata,” commonly known as ball moss, is a non-parasitic epiphyte. This plant is basically harmless, but loves growing on other surfaces, most especially trees. It takes its nutrients and water from the atmosphere and basically does no damage to the tree. The arrival of autumn usually means leaf shedding for trees. This is when most people discover huge infestation of it on their trees. While this plant is not harmful to your tree, it may make your tree look undesirable and you might not like that notion.

Birds and squirrels are the most common distributors of ball moss. This plant loves cool places with high moisture content. Fortunately for it and unfortunately for the trees and their owners, shade and humidity can be found beneath a tree. If a tree has a huge infestation of it, it may be deprived of UV light which is quite essential for the tree's immune system. If the tree has a weak immune system, insects and diseases will find it easy to enter. Controlling the growth of ball moss is a difficult task; but it's not impossible. Our professional experts can help you eliminate the infestation, show you different tricks, provide you with tips, and ensure that your Cedar Park, TX property is safe from this infestation.

Spanish Moss Removal

spanish moss removal texas

Oaks are the most common recipients of Spanish moss. This plant has no root system and is usually hanging off an oak tree. It attaches itself to its host by perching its stems on the tree's surface. Spanish moss does not feed on the tree but derives its nutrients from the debris and air that revolves around the host. While they are fun to look at, they are harmful to your trees as they have the ability to retain excess weight, thereby putting too much strain on the limbs of the tree they are attached to. They also deprive their host from getting enough sunlight. Once they are attached to the bark of a tree, they take all the sunlight for themselves, leaving the tree with little or no sunlight.

When a tree in decline experiences overgrowth, it stands a chance at recovery given the fact that it will be thinned; however, Spanish moss cannot be removed for mere aesthetic purposes. Removing the whole infestation at once can bring more harm to the tree. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions where there's no other choice but to remove the infestation. Our professionals at Cedar Park Tree Service Pros know just the right amount of Spanish moss to remove that won't jeopardize the health of the tree. Note that while there are spraying options for this moss removals, the prices are steep, the removal process is slow, and you'll surely get a messy lawn.

Land Clearing

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Do you have a small yard? Or you probably feel like your trees are taking up too much space? Whatever the case may be, we can help you expand your yard by carrying out a tree removal process, making some stump grinding, level up the land, and install a new lawn. Even if you want to thin out your trees' branches so you can get more sunlight and add more space for more addition, our land clearing service is the best option to go with. We will provide you with a uniquely multifaceted and complete management plan that will allow you the benefit of tracking the progress of your landscape.

Want a new swimming pool installed on your property? Or maybe you've always wanted an open yard with lustrous green grasses? Or you simply want to install that new shed in your backyard? Whatever add-on you want on your property requires that you clear the land first. You'll have to prune or remove those unwanted trees, and this is where we come in. With your approval, our professionals will come to your property, assess your space, and provide you with the best solution for your add-on. If you have unwanted stumps, we'll help you grind them; if the trees are the issue, we'll remove them; if the branches are the ones stopping you from having that beautiful view you've always wanted, we'll prune them out.

Emergency Tree Service

24 hour emergency tree service

No one can predict Mother Nature or the next trick she'll pull. That is why we have a crew of experts dedicated to handling every type of emergency services. So, whether a storm brought down a tree which damaged your property in the process, or maybe you are concerned about a tree that may endanger you, your loved ones, and your property if a storm hits, then be sure to call on us. Combined with the skills of our dedicated experts, we possess tools that will ensure that every form of tree emergency is quickly resolved and you and your property are back to safety.

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. For this reason, we implore you to take precautions by staying ahead of bad weather and examining your trees. Ensure to call on professional arborists or tree care services to help you look at your trees in order to determine if it's a potential risk or not. You'll be saving yourself a lot of stress, money, trouble, and damage. As a homeowner, there are some things you need to keep an eye out for so as to prevent an emergency service. Some of these factors include, inspecting your trees at least once in a year; taking note of hanging limbs; being aware of dead branches or branches that produce no leaves when the plant is in its season; looking out for holes and bugs; separation of leaders at the tree's base; as well as roots lifting. Noting these common tree issues can help you prevent emergency tree problems.

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