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Spanish Moss Removal Cedar Park, TX

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Have a Spanish moss problem on your Cedar Park, TX, property? No problems! Our expert professionals at Cedar Park Tree Service Pros will help you eliminate the problem in the twinkle of an eye. Whether you own a residential property or a commercial property, our professionals are capable of effectively taking care of your moss problem.  The Spanish moss is a sight that many people find satisfying. They love the way it hangs down from oak trees and sways in the breeze. But the thing is, this type of plant is usually not an actual moss, or it's not Spanish.

Spanish moss multiplies in folds especially in a good, moist growing season. The rapid growth makes them become a nuisance to the host tree. While it's true that this plant have trees as its host, it is not a parasitic organism. It usually has no roots in the host tree it perches on and it also doesn't take from the tree's nutrients. This plant gets its nutrients from sunlight, rain, fog, dust and debris carried through air and water. Many tree owners in Texas are unaware of the threat a huge infestation of moss can pose to their trees. Huge amounts of moss can kill off small or even larger branches. Spanish moss is covered in tiny, gray scales. These scales helps the plant to trap moisture until it is able to absorb the moisture.

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Spanish Moss Spraying and Removal

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In order to keep it alive through the dry season, this plant takes in more water than it actually requires. During a rain, the tissues come out to collect water. This makes the plant look greener after the rain, and as the water is depleted, the plant returns to its usual gray color. Since Spanish moss usually absorbs a lot of water, it has the capability to hold up to two pounds of rainwater or more. Using two pounds as an example, the total weight of a Spanish moss will increase from one pound to three. Now, let's assume we have about five hundred moss plants on a tree. That means every time it rains, your tree holds about 1,500 pounds of extra weight. Combine the weight with the added impact of thunderstorms and winds with hurricane strength. Imagine the kind of blow your tree is going to suffer. Therefore, it's best that you either thin Spanish mosses or you remove them completely. You can either spray the infestation with copper sulphate or you pull them out of the tree's branches.

As we noted earlier, we do not use chemicals to eliminate the moss from your tree. This is for the safety of your tree, environment, as well as you and your loved ones. Our removal team is made up of professional climbers who are equipped with the right safety gears and removal tools. We use climbing ropes that are certified by our industry and once our team is at the infestation site, we remove the moss by hand, drop them off on the group, and clear them away we are through. Moss removal might look like a simple job but it may be dangerous and tricky as there are risks involved. Call on our proficient experts today! Call on Cedar Park Tree Service Pros.

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